Horror-ific Consumer

Created as a framework for the embodiment of horror, this website design utilizes nuanced grid techniques to keep an organized, but colorful placement of content. This helps prevent things from overflowing or feeling out of place, should an individual or group of people choose to start a horror website.

Along with its mobile design template, this project was developed using Adobe Photoshop as well as Illustrator.


Patchu Art

Distinguishable as a gallery-like presentation, "Patchu Art" builds on more simplistic material such as space to allow its content to breathe and stand out. Its overall layout keeps it easily navigable for any possible online bidders looking to add prestigious art to their belongings.

This web design was developed using Adobe Photoshop along with its logo in Illustrator.


Puss in Boots

For those already familiar with the infamous cat with particular taste in footwear, this design maintains a constant use of familiar color that keeps in tune to that of the feline character. Its overall goal is to provide a quick but enjoyable run-through of the history of one of the most recognizable characters in literature and more recently, film.

"Puss in Boots" was developed in Adobe Photoshop.


NYC Hotels

Serving the purpose of tourist accommodation, this web design is meant to be easily navigable. Without overstuffing, "NYC HOTELS" becomes an assistant in recommending the best as well as most affordable hotels for various kinds of visiters that wish to stay overnight in the most iconic city in the Eastern coast.

This project was developed in Adobe Photoshop along with its mobile design template.


Stupid Gamer

Different from the other designs, "Stupid Gamer" focuses more on a blog-like style to help keep various content in place without oversimplifying. For the average video-gamer looking to catch up on upcoming releases or the latest news in video games, this web design is meant to be easily navigable as well as updatable.

This project was developed using Adobe Photoshop as well as Illustrator.


Paw Rescue

Used as a catalyst for a user-friendly website, "Paw Rescue" was eventually developed to promote a fictional animal rescue group. It's customary structure is meant to give users easy access to the site's collection of the dark history of canine breeds. This design also helps prevent a portion of the website from overshadowing another as well as preventing inferiority.

This project was developed in Adobe Photoshop.


About Me

My name is Kevin Muñoz. I'm a Web Designer based in Queens, New York. My usual routine consists of work, school, family, friends and occasional food and sleep. I began drawing and sketching at a relatively young age and enjoyed every minute of it. Whether it involves responsive web design or not, I thrive on the practice of paying close attention to detail in both my web design and development projects as well as complex problem solving.

I graduated from LaGuardia Community College in June 2015 with a degree in New Media Technology. It's here that I enjoyed building my skills in web design and development. My other projects range from web animation to music recording to video editing to game design. Overall these assets include experience with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Flash, etc.

As a current student in The City College of New York, I'm driven by my desire to study Electronic Design & Multimedia. My passion for this line of work would take me further towards exploring interactive web design, brand identity and advanced web development. I'm constantly designing web page layouts as well as developing them from scratch whether it involves the use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. I'm always looking for new creative projects to work on and would love to talk with you about yours.


If you wish to contact me directly for a project or if you simply wish to ask me about anything, you can reach me by email. I'm open to anything.

Or you can find me active on any of the social media platforms included at the top.

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