About Me

I'm a graphic designer based in New York City. I have a degree in Digital Design from The City College of New York, and have a plethora of skills to showcase. I started out with an obsession on perfecting every little detail in my drawings, which turned into enamoration for letterforms and complex problem solving throughout my college years. As a designer, my goals involve thinking outside the box and to be as innovative as possible whether I'm given a simple task or a diffcult challenge.

I've worked on website development, branding, typography, and editorial projects for clients and as personal work. I'm a team player, have a great sense of humor, but above all, I'm dedicated to owning my own craft as a designer while remaining humble enough to push the envelope in unconventional ways. My design heroes are Ale Paul, Michael O and Kat Windley, but my greatest inspiration is Martina Flor.